Wednesday, 27 June 2007

2 Points

Can Kanye West not come up with his own songs? His whole first album did nothing but sample infinitely better and more succesful songs, and now he's at it again with his newest work "Harder" by using the robot gods Daft Punk and a sample of "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger". I don't care whether they agreed to be in the video, come up with your own stuff for God's sake and stop putting laughable lyrics ("It's going off tonight/You can be my black Kate Moss tonight" (DOes this mean Kayne West is the black Pete Doherty? Either way, thank you but I'll pass)) and bland "beats" over a (Inter)stellar riff!!

Now. The other, far more important point; Ed Banger Records, the electro scene and its increasing influence on fahion, coupled with the decline of rock and indie. Look at through the pictures at:

Now look at:

You can see the obvious influence. The sunglasses styles, the colours, the cuts, the sense of anarchy and very discordant attitude in the mix of clothes, combined with a very light, very beachy/surfer/sun, sea sand.Ibiza ("ravers paradise") kind of feel. It seems rock and roll and the indy scene's grip on pop fashion is finally fading after the last four or five years, and that nu rave is seemes to be passing fad in the transfer; it's the way to bridge the gap between rock and electro style of fashion. Of course, these are Spring 2008 collections, so don't expect to see it really take off until the summer of the same year, but it seems that for many designers the straight indy style has had its day in the sun. Unless your Dolce & Gabana, in which case rockpunkS&M seems to be the way forward...

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