Tuesday, 28 August 2007

The Facist Green Agenda

Dear Government,
I am fed up of being lectured on bloody climate change. I am sick to the back teeth on being lectured on “turning off your standby appliances”, “change to energy efficient lights”, “only charge your phone every other night”, “insulate your house”, “recycle all your rubbish”, “only throw trash out once every other week”, “don’t travel by aeroplane” etc. I am done with being told that there are Government incentives being planned that will reward people that recycle, and punish those that choose to drive big cars, throw out garbage or whatever. The powers that be need to stop trying to punish the individual and start looking at the bigger problem.

Stop turning a blind eye to countries that fell thousands of acres of rainforest every month. Start punishing businesses that are the most energy wasting monsters in the country. Start investing in DECENT public transport instead of just trying to price people off the roads with speed cameras, fines for driving big cars or congestion charges. How dare you lecture me on why I should not drive (or learn to drive) when you have the nerve to raise rail fare prices, citing that “the more people that travel ,the more CO2 is produced, and we need to offset that.” Anything to spin a cheap buck. Tell those dirty hippies to stop protesting outside airports. People need to travel internationally. We are a global economy, and air travel is important. Out of a few hundred thousand planes that travel each year, do you think a few hundred rich people travelling by private jet will do much more damage? Or what would you prefer? For the world to travel by boat? “Well, no, because boats produce emissions.” Car? “No cars produce emissions.” So how? Oh, maybe you’d like us not to bother travelling at all. Civilisation cannot stand still just to appease you goddamn hippies. Oh, and I don’t think that leaving a TV on standby is quite as bad a blowing the ever loving hell out of half of the middle east several times a day. You try to stop people having bonfires (“produces too many heavy, carbon based gases!”), yet have no problems firing off God damn cruise missiles and sending vast, pluming fireballs into the sky.
Oh, and start turning the lights off in Whitehall at night! Don’t feed me any bullshit about monuments not being able to be lit at night because it contributes to “carbon footprints”, when you won’t even turn off the lights in several hundred huge offices in Government buildings every night! How dare you use “security issues” to try justifying your own pig headed laziness. How dare you try and punish people who try to do their part but don’t meet the life changing expectations you expect to be put in place.

Climate change is real. This summer has been pretty obvious. And it is important that everyone tries to do what they can to help this planet. But stop trying to lecture and spin a quick buck off people that give a shit when you’re a bigger problem than the rest of the country combined. Stick the green agenda that you use to spin a story or photo op up your hypocritical, arrogant, self centred arses.


M Weaver

Saturday, 25 August 2007

I was just watching a video about Christians. Not the Westboro God Hates Fags lot, no. The kind that encourage you to love you fellow man, neighbour, respect your parents, turn the other cheek etc.

Parts of the Bible have a pretty good message. True it is a message you could learn from countless other sources, but it's a good enough message anyway. However, there are parts of that book which are "absolutely fucking vile" (Keith Allen). Almost as vile as the people that preach them. See, there are parts in that book which are conveninetly glossed over time and again by the rulers of the facism of Christianity. Stuff like "Camel through the eye of a needle beofre a rich man gets into heaven." Yet there are plenty of people profitting off this ultra conservative hypocrisy. Or the serial adultary of many pastors and priests who just pray for forgiveness and are in. But everyone else has to pay to pray through them exclusively.

The denial of evolution is another one. A common argument is that "It is written in the Bible, which is the word of God, that this is what happened."And then reasonable scientists say "But there are X amount of reports which have been tested and backed up with empirical evidence to prove otherwise." And what's the reply? "Don't believe everything you read and hear."
Don't believe everything you read! Where's your proof that evolution can't possibly be true? A book. Don't believe everything you read. Who was the book written by? Man. Who has translated the book? Man.

Another gloss over part is "For every one that cureses his father or his mother, he shall surely be put to death." And that's not all, borthers and sisters... Turn your Bible to Psalms; "Happy shall he be who taketh and dasheth the little one against the stones." Or killing anyone that works on a Sunday. Why are they now glossed over, when so many people get such sand in their fanny about "Though shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind. It is abomination." If I can't stick a cock up another guys ass, then I want to start stoning disobedient children to death and butchering Tesaco employees.

I think cancer was a punishment sent by God to teach a lesson to Christians and their families and their friends.

Vile statement isn't it? But no worse than when a sodomite, paedohpile preacher says that AIDs is a punishment for gays.

If I told you I could commune with an omnipotant, eternal bearded gorilla that floated about on clouds and I could commune with it from inside my head just be getting on my knees, closing my eyes and moving my lips, you'd think I was crazy. If I claimed I was "hearing his voice and feeling his guidance" you'd think I was schizophrenic. If I stopped coming into work every July because it was the month of rest - so dictated by an omnipotent Gorilla - not only would I be jobless, I'd probably be sectioned. Especially if I said it was okay to masscare anyone that worked during that time.

Mine's a monkey. The one that Christians pray to is "arguably the most unpleasent character in all fiction: Jealous - and proud of it - a petty, unjust, unforgiving, control freak; a vindictive, bloothirsty, ehtnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, phillicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sado-masochistic, capriciously malevolent bully." (Richard Dawkins)

It's a book. Full of contradictions, lies, half truths and hypocirisies.

Don't believe everything you read.