Saturday, 16 August 2008


I hadn’t intended to comment on the Russia situation so explicitly, but there’s nothing like the impending start of World War III to change one’s plans.

Up until yesterday I was pro-Russia in the face of an onslaught of Western propaganda to attempt to paint them as the aggressors in this whole Goergia/South Ossetia mess. The media and Governments of Britain and the US have been on a role of disinformation over the past week, despite Russia only stepping into the conflict to prevent genocide in the separatist state. Georgia has lobbyists working in the Governments of Britain and the United States (yes, like everything, politicians and policy are still up for sale in the ‘principled’ west), which caused the surge in propaganda.

Many have called out the hypocrisy of the US and UK in their attempt to attack Russia for “invading a sovereign nation in order to further their political agenda”, when we did exactly the same in the sovereign nation of Iraq (the Presumptive Republican Presidential Nominee John McCain never (laughably) went so far to say “In the 21st century nations don’t invade other nations.” Video here: ). They have done this justifiably so, as it needs to be pointed out, but, in the last twenty four hours Russia has become equally guilty of the same hypocrisy.

In short, Poland has agreed to host ten missiles for the United States missile shield program, and Russia is very unhappy about it. So unhappy in fact, that they have threatened a nuclear attack against Poland.

While I was with them in support of the democratically elected separatist state of South Ossetia, they are now ignoring the wishes of democratically elected Poland. They are guilty of the same hypocrisy that the US and the UK have been demonstrating since Monday. This new development in fact lends a new slant to the Russian involvement in the Georgian conflict, one that looks like they may have been acting in their own interests alone all the time, and have just used the opportunity to crush the government of Georgia and bring them back under Russian rule.

While both Russia and Georgia have now signed the ceasefire agreement, committing a withdrawal of Russian troops with only limited patrols inside of Georgia, there has yet been no response from any western nation of this sudden nuclear threat. I advise any who do to tread very, very carefully. We are almost back on the nuclear precipice of the late 60s/early 70s once again. Not in many, many years have relations been so strained.

Rest assured, the Russian sabre rattling is foolish, any attack on Poland would lead to a united Europe and America turning Putin’s playground into glass. The worry is that this would only awaken the Chinese against us, and unite them with the Middle East against the West, leading to what I think it will be safe to say, will be the end of the human race.

Diplomacy is the way forward, and compromise is necessary (particularly on the part of the US, as one must ask the question why they even need a missile shield in these days of relative international peace) but with crooked morons in Washington and crooked morons in Moscow, both of whom refuse to back down (after all their penises are soooo big), the coming weeks and months may prove very interesting indeed.

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