Friday, 27 July 2007

Soooooooooo.... (Cows, Bombs and Being Mature)

The Hindu cow - Shambo - is dead. Where are the the protests? Where are the Hindus marching on the streets of Cardiff burning the Welsh flag? Where is the Government appeasers desperately trying to hush the marchers advocating mass murder?

Oh wait, there are none.

So, we have an interesting moment appearing here. 18 months ago, a cartoonist in DENMARK published some cartoons satirising Mohammed (not unlike the thousands of cartoons that have satirised Jesus, Bhudda, Vishnu etc) and there is anarchy on the streets of London from "extremists" and "religious fundamentalists".

So, if a cartoon in Denmark caused that, why, when a key part of the faith is removed from the temple, taken away and MURDERED, are there no massive protests, no flag burnings (here or in India) and no advocation of violence or murder against the Welsh people or their Assembly?

If the Islamic faith had a similar kind of deification of an animal, and it could potenially be a public health risk, do you think such an unfortunate situation would be resolved in such a calm way?

It's intersting that there hasn't been any massive media coverage of this either. No newspaper enduced hysteria. No screaming 10 o'clock bulletins. To be fair you can't blame them. I mean, in terms of a sensational story, cartoons will get far more attention than the slaughter of a sacred icon. Right?

Or is it that without media fanned flames and fewer psychopaths in their midst, people can look at things with a bit more of a mature, 21st century view instead of one that seemed to be popular around the time of the Inquisition.

Maybe, being the worlds oldest religion still practised today (predating Christianity by around two millenia (surely that gives them the rights to any and all theories on God and soul saving then)) they've learnt to live with the rest of the world, rather than try to convert it.

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