Monday, 16 April 2007

No Design, No Desire

For some reason it annoys me so much more when men follow high street trends. Women don't bother me at all. I think it's because women are used to following fashion and trends, are aware of how uickly things can move, so never get too pretentious about a look or being "cool". Men on the other hand have only really come into the waiting arms of the fashion industry in the last several years (I mean in a more "metrosexual" way - keeping an eye on trends, really going shopping and following high street fashion more keenly).

In kind of a follow up to my "Not chav" rant a while ago, men seem to appear to think that if they have their diamond stud in one ear (its not a gold loop, so its not chav...), their K-Swiss trainers, their Bench/Duck & Cover jeans and their Religion/"Osaka 6" tshirts then they are COOL. The dictionary definition of stylish. Instead of going off on a rant, I will leave it at saying that they are not. They just look exactly the same as all their friends. No personality, no design, no desire.

Women, who have (for the most part) been essentially programmed from birth to follow fashion and be ultra aware of what's hot and what's not (though there are always a few casualties) are far less pretentious about the fact that they're wearing the latest Topshop outfit rather than their male counterparts, whose arrogance about wearing the exact same top as ten other people in the club just drips off them like the motor oil that slicks up their hair.

Every single one of my friends picks a style that works for them, and adapts it to what's "now". They are not pretentious about it, they don't look down on others because of it. But I often get the feeling that the clan of Not Chavs look down on them sometimes because they're not wearing whatever H&M,, Philip Green and the Topman Empire (outside of London, which is less pretentious because of the sheer amount of competition and superiors it has) and Calum Best or whatever nobody that is the current flavour of the month tells them to wear. Because rosary beads are still SOOOO in. (They wore out their welcome in early 2005).

So, to surmise:
Non-pretentiousness about what you wear = Good
Femeale followers of high street fashion in general = Good
A style that works for the individual, comprised of what their influences = Good
Not Chavs = Bad
Topman Townies = Bad
ALL Topshop/man Employess = Bad (They think they are the cutting edge of fashion because they work at that bloody place. One look at the mullets still rocking the local Topman stores will pretty much spell it out. They are not.)

Go back to sleep America, your Government is back in control.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe we should all dress like Karl Lagerfeld.