Friday, 16 March 2007


Apparently the movie "300" is racist. RACIST I TELL YOU!

'Has the world gone mad?' I hear you cry? Evidently, yes:

"It may be worth pointing out that unlike their mostly black and brown foes, the Spartans and their fellow Greeks are white."A. O. SCOTT, New York TimesMarch 9, 2007

Greek critic Dimitris Danikas suggested that the film showed Persians as "bloodthirsty, underdeveloped zombies," and went on to say, "They are stroking (sic) racist instincts in Europe and America.Critic Steven Rea argues that Along with references to slavery, mysticism and depictions of hyper-sexuality, the Persians become the vehicle for an anachronistic cross-section of Western stereotypes of Asian and African cultures.Furthermore, the "bad guys" are depicted as black people, Persians, brown people, handicapped or deformed people, gays and lesbians.

Let us get one thing straight here, 300 is not racist. Are all the invading Persians black or brown? Yes. Are all the heroic Spartans white? Yes. Do white people kill black or brown people? Yes. Does that therefore make it racist? NO. Why? A simple answer:
2500 YEARS AGO EVERYONE IN ANCIENT PERSIA WAS BLACK OR BROWN AND EVERYONE IN ANCIENT GREECE WAS WHITE.That is history, not racism. That is the way things were. Was there any moaning about Michael Caine's "Zulu" becuase white people are killing black people? No. Why? Because that's the fucking way it was. (And it was a time when people actually used their own brains to think instead of being told what they think by newspapers, critics and columnists).

Why can't people get past colour nowadays? Should history be changed because it involved white people killing black people? Would it be changed if it involved black people killing white people? The armies of Xerxes I marched across ancient Greece slaughtering thousands. Was that racist? Was the Roman conquest of Carthage (now Tunisia in Northern Africa) racist? No. These nations and people were conquered for their land and what they could bring to the Empire (Greek, Persian or Roman), not because Caesar, Marcus Aurelius, Xerxes, Darius or Alexander the bloody Great wanted to kill blacks, whites, browns, yellows or whatever.

Get over yourselves.

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Anonymous said...

persians are not black. hollywood who has been glorifying blacks and africans for generations decided to use black actors to be persians.

persians look more similiar to greeks and italians than they do blacks.