Friday, 16 March 2007

Blame Culture & The Sin Of Gluttony

When are people gonna get off their ass and do some Goddamn parenting?? I saw some skinny, heroin junky looking woman feeding her BABY some freaking KFC. A baby. KFC. That sucks. A baby needs decent food, not greasy fried chicken (that's for the rest of us porkers).

And guess what? When that hideous little ball of fat grows up and is an obese kid his moronic mother will blame The Colonel (the KFC Colonel for those wondering), for making her kid fat. Never mind that she has been feeding the chubby little porker fried chicken since before he could walk.

Take a good, hard, long look in the mirror. Don't "Blame Canada" as South Park sang, blame yourselves. You feed the children. You have the money and you choose what they eat. Stop feeding babies greasy fried food and start feeding them GODDAMN BABY FOOD! Or that little ball of baby fat will turn into a big fat ball of child fat. Ugly, greasy and unhealthy. Jamie Oliver can piss off and stick his carrot sticks up his ass. Children don't need sappy school dinners, if they want a chocolate pudding let them have it, but they don't have to have it everyday because people are too feeble and spineless to say no to a child.

I'm going to go and eat an entire Sarah Lee Chocolate Gateaux, and then raid Thorntons. And you know what? If I get fat, I'm not going to blame someone else, I'm not going to whine about it, I'm going to go down the gym and WORK IT OFF!

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