Friday, 16 March 2007


So I see parents are protesting outside the house of a convicted paedophile. Many of the mainstream media are jumping up and down saying how right it is for them to be doing this, how it's wrong that the man should be put within a galaxy's distance of children, and how wrong it is for him to be placed near a school playground. So lynch the "pervert" (as one paper actually called him). Set him on fire! Burn him! Treat him like a 13th century witch!Morons.

FACT: Paedophelic desires are not things that are chosen. If someone is attracted to young people (as many older men are), its' not frowned upon. I don't remember anyone complaining when the world was moistening its loins over freshly 16 year old Brittney Spears back in 1996. Why is it ok to do that but not be attracted to a 15 year old? Oh, because she's a year older. It's fine. Bollocks.

I have sympathy for paedophiles. These people do not choose to have the desires they have, just as someone doesn't choose to have a fetish about feet, horses, rubber, panty pissing, clothing, sex in open places or anything else. It's not chosen, it's something you just have. It's a fetish. I feel sympathy for people who are unfortunately struck with that particular desire. I have no sympathy however, for those who act upon these urges. It's wrong, wrong, wrong. I condone anything , unless one of the parties involved is unconsenting. In the case of a minor, many times they do not understand the implications (and that applies to 16 year olds) of what they're doing.
But I also hold no sympathy for the morons and bigots that jump up and down like a crazed mob baying for blood. Why is is okay for newspapers to release the image of a paedophile without their consent, but cannot do the same for an illegal immigrant? Why does no one frown on that? It is no ones business as to who they are apart from the people who live in the same area (ala the sex offenders register).

Desires can be surpressed, urges denied, but they can never be eradicated altogether. For that reason alone people living in the area with a sex offender deserve to be made aware. They do not however, have the right to then act on this information and take the law into their own hands, regardless of the crime. So what, a paedophile is living in an area with children around? There are fucking children everywhere! I agree that it was an idiotic mistake to house him near a playground, but that's life. It's wrong to just assume that because someone has been convicted of child molestation (or worse) that he'll be running after every little boy or girl he sees trying to get into their Barbie or Action Man printed underwear. One woman was quoted as saying "I spoke to him everyday about gardening, he seemed so nice and normal." And he doesn't now just because you've found out something from his past??? The man may have found a way to surpress his desires so they do not interfere and ruin his life and the lives of others. Do the Christian values that this country is built on (as we so endlessly hear at the moment) of forgiveness not apply here? Or is it ok to only forgive some crimes and not others?

This country is so hypocritical and blinded by media manipulation that it sickens me. People have no interest in building their own opinions based on knowledge, learning and thinking and would rather take on the mob mentality of the moment and make claim it as their own.
Either everythings okay, or it's not. Forgiveness for crimes that are repented or don't. The "Christian Morals" of a nation cannot pick and choose as they like.

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