Friday, 16 March 2007

I Have A Great Idea...

Rather than actually admitting the cataclysmic failure of the war in Iraq, President GWB is just going to hurl another 21'000 troops into that sandy hell just to satisfy his ego. Even his war mongering Generals advised against it, stating to the President that the war is lost and that a quick exit is the smartest thing to do, letting the Iraqi government sort the problems that the "Coalition" caused.

But no, Georgy Porgy hasn't gotten his way yet. He refuses to accept defeat. He refuses to accept that most of his own people (along with the rest of the world) want American troops out of Iraq.

Going into Iraq was the biggest mistake of this millenium. Giving "democracy" (aka a puppet Government controlled by the American military) was like giving a 6 year old a gun full of bullets and sending him off to play army. It's an area of the world that has never had democracy, has never wanted democracy and has never needed democracy. But because we're Western and "civilised" what works for us MUST work for them. Whether they like it or not.

Now, whether everyone else in the entire world (particularly the American people and military) agrees or disagrees, Georgy Porgy is going to continue this damn war until he gets his way. And the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom will mindlessly back him up. You will support the pursuit of freedom for countries that don't have it. You will support the continuation of a war you never wanted. You will let thousands of young lives be sacrificed in vain. Whether you like it or not.

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